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Monday, 7 May 2012

A little randomness.....

Bleaughhhhhh...that's how I've been feeling since thursday with a 'orrible' sneezzy cold, always at a time when I'm my busiest mind you...how rude !!

So I thought I would share a little randomness today...have been creative ( before the lurgy landed) and shall share once I get my brain back and remember to actually take photos of the cards before I take them in to work lol....

So here are two photos of tattoos that I absolutely would have on my body if I was lucky enough ...I've toyed with idea of having one for ages but only get a REAL urge when I see art work of this standard and not just your run of the mill body art like pretty butterflies etc.....no disrespect to anyone if you have a butterfly tattoo :/

When I first saw this my jaw dropped...it is simply gorgeous !! By the amazing David Corden a tattoo of KuKula's amazing art who's work you can find  here 

and the second is a winner anyway cos it's Alice inspired ! This is by Jason Jacenko of 696 Ink Tattoos

Pretty amazing huh ?

My next little bit of randomness.....have any of you been watching The Bridge on BBC 4 ?

 link here to BBC iplayer ...I've linked to episode one by the way in case you haven't......... it's one of a few brilliant Danish crime dramas..like The Killing ( the original of that was Danish but the Americans did a pretty good remake  and Those who Kill....I love Crime dramas and although they are subtitled don't let that put you off....well worth a watch.

And finally whilst I was eating my breakfast in bed this morning .....believe me that happens rarely lol...I was catching up with last nights first episode of Planet Earth Live....here...... Awwwww those little bear cubs and the gremiln are so cute !

So hope fully back to normal tomorrow with a card to share, enjoy what's left of the Bank holiday...
Love Katy xx


  1. Hi Katy, hope you are well. Amazing body art x Susan x

  2. DON'T!!! It IS fabulous artwork... but oooohhh just think when you're a bit older.... LOL!! Yeah yeah yeah, I know.... I'm OLD and BORING!! HEHE

    Christine x


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