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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Not long now...

Till i announce the winner of my candy !! Thanks for joining in, i've enjoyed it and hope to do it again on my bloggerversary.

My apologies to everyone who's given me awards recently, i promise to pop them on here as soon as i'm feeling better, this cold's given me a really fuzzy head...urghhhh just awful.

Also not felt very creative with it, the only remotely crafty thing i did today was treat myself to some lovely ribbons, lace and trimmings at my local fent shop. Found some lovely bits and bobs.

So back tomorrow, hopefully a bit more with it, to announce the winner xx


  1. Hi Katy hope you soon feel better there seems a lot of them colds about. You may not feel very creative but you haven't lost one of the loves of a crafter......buying more craft items lol.

    Lorraine x

  2. Hope you soon feel much better matey, this miserable weather doesn't help much either, does it? Please don't enter me into your candy draw, you've given me so many wonderful goodie parcels over the past year and I'd like someone else to get lucky!
    Glad you had a bit of a spend up, that always lifts the spirits a bit heh?
    Sending you big 'get well' ((((hugs))))

  3. Hi Katy, Sorry to hear you are still feeling poorly but glad you felt well enough for a little shopping spree (bet that made you feel a little better lol!). x


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