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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Award thank you's :)

Thank you Laura and Rachel

1) Where is your cell phone? - Bag
2) Hair? – boring
3) Your mother? - stressed
4) Your father? - tired
5) Your fav food ? - steak
6) Your Dream last night ? - nightmare
7) Your fav drink ? -belini
8) Your dream goal ? - contentment
9) What room are you in ? - bedroom
10) Your hobby ? - ART
11) Your fear? - nothingness
12) Where do you want to be in 6 years time ? – there
13) Where were you last night ? - here
14) Something that you aren't ? – comfortable
15) Muffins ? - please ?
16) Wishlist item -wi fit
17) Where did you grow up ? -yorkshire
18) Last thing you did ? - bath
19) What are you wearing ? - Pj's
20) Your T.V ? - off
21) Your pets ? - companions
22) Your friends ? -valued
23) Your life ? - overwheming
24) Your mood ? - overwhelmed
25) Missing someone ? - always
26) Vehicle ? - want
27) Something you're not wearing ? - tiara
28) Your fav store ? - Harvey Nicks
29) Your fav colour ? - turqoise
30) Last time you laughed ? - work
31) Last time you cried ? - J
32) Your best friend ? - O/H
33) One place you go to over and over ? - work
34) One person who emails regularly ? - Mr Anjelpoloi
35) Fav place to eat ? - pub
36) Facebook ? – addictive

Now i'll explain a few answers...phew thats hard just using one word !

So working backwards... Facebook is a fairly new thing for me but it's a great way of keeping in touch and is effortless, so if you're not on there yet whatta ya waiting for ?...my fav place to eat is The Slater Arms in Bradley, a family run pub that serves the most delish Sunday Roast...Mr Anjelpoloi...i dont actually know this person but boy does he email me regular...one day i've won the lottery, the next would i help his sick mother and give him some cash...i mean come on i'm getting a tad bored of it now !...seem to always be at work now, not that i'm complaining of course...long time looking for work so am very happy and of course i'm in craft heaven :)...goes without saying O/H is my bestest friend....J makes me cry...teenagers are a NIGHTMARE....turqoise is a beautiful colour...Harvey Nicks...window shopping only till i claim my prize from Mr Anjelpoloi of course then i'm off on a mega spending spree...wanna come ?...not wearing a tiara, never have either...want a vehicle, slight hitch cos i cant drive though..I'm always missing someone, arnt we all ?...next bit explains really why my blogging has been hit and miss..overwhelmed...need to learn to say no or stop myself when i start to offer to do something above and beyond what is necessary, why do i do it ?..i dont know..friends...valued..ARE YOU STILL THERE ? :) pets....i love my cats..gonna skip a few...lol....where do i want to be in 6 years time...there is quite vague i suppose but honestly who knows where they'll be in 6 years, i could be living it up in New York, i could be destitute and living in a B&B or i could be right here..one things for certain, you just never know :)...my fear..ooooh this is a biggie for me, you see i dont fear death itself but if i try to imagine nothing forever i get this horrible sinking feeling and my heart lurches, not something to dwell on for too long i think... moving on, lol...fav drink is a belini, sparkling wine and peach puree....dream goal?...i dont want to be rich (thank you Mr Apopoodlopili )just content....lastly, thats if you've not fallen asleep :) my hobby, well i put Art because...well thats what it is, in whatever form be it cardmaking here or the first steps i've taken with journaling/painting..it's all creative expression in one way or another..

So i've waffled on...time for a cuppa before bed, thanks Laura and Rachel for this award xx


  1. Grats on your award, you totally deserve it. Your explainations cracked me up too - that darn Mr Anjelpoloi... ;)

  2. Fab answers, Katie - and have read your explanations with a big grin!!! I want a Mr Anndoooolopodoppywhatsisface now!!!! Juliexx

  3. Hey. Glad you like it and fab answers too! Rachel xx

  4. Great answers.....a lot of fun to read.

  5. Great bedtime reading...not because it put me to sleep but because I have a smile on my face reading all your answers :) Mmmm I have a Mr. Anjelpoloi too!!! Seems to be a lot of them about! Gosh I hope your teenage troubles ease soon! I have 3 on their way to those years...I know who to call for help and advice!

    Thanks for your honesty hun! Hugs Judy xx

  6. Thanks for sharing.......know what you mean about the nothingness!

  7. Wow this made me smile and i realised that im not the only one who knows Mr Anjelpoloi
    who always wants for something..lol
    great read and didnt but me to sleep made me giggle especially reading we have the same mate ......Mr Anjelpoloi
    hugs judex


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