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Monday, 7 September 2009

I Give up !

Ok that's it....I give up ! I know we all jest about losing our mojo but mine really has deserted me :( I've been trying hard for over a week now...the last project is THE only creative thing i've done....two projects in the bin from todays efforts, what a waste of time and worst of all stash ! It's not like i dont have anything to play with, two DT deliveries and personal purchases...you'd think the cards would be flying out, but no... nada...not a damn thing and it's driving me bonkers and making me miserable..just like someones flipped the switched...gone :( I'm BORED ....anyone recommend a good book to read, lol x


  1. Mine is hiding in a dark corner - a few botched projects over the weekend, and now I can't even colour!

    Here's to the reappearance of mojo very soon! So frustrating.


  2. Oh no I too have suffered from this terrible disease!It gave me sleepless nights!lol
    I always find having a rumage throught OLD stash really helps sparks the mojo not sure why but it work's for me lol,you could always take a look at the card ive not long posted it may inspire you a little lol
    hope mr mojo returns soon cuz i'm missing your fab creations! :)
    hugs amanda x

  3. Hi Katy, I usually find a good browse through my favourite blogs and galleries get's me going again. Failing that you could try recreating a card you've already made just using different papers, something easy just to get you going.

  4. How can your mojo be gone. Your king mojo has to inspire our mini mojoes! Perhaps you need something like a dream catcher for your mojo, mmm... an idea! love, Lily

  5. Oh me ....poor you!! It happens to the best of us! What I do is go to one of my favourite blogs and case a card...or yeah go read a good book!
    hugs Judy x

  6. Oh Katy I often feel like this. It really does dishearten me when it happens so i know how you feel. I'm still waiting on mine returning. Keep your chin up honey your work is fab

  7. Try buying/selling houses,the stress has brought my mojo back!!! I craft to take my mind of it all.
    I find a trip to the craft shop usually works too,but can be expensive!!!
    I read a lot of books,what type do you like?
    (Have you got the new Stephenie Meyer "The Host"?)
    Hope you find your mojo soon,I luv your work :o)x

  8. oh sweetie i bet the naughty little mojo is just hiding, i think a nice walk and you may just find it lurking in the beautiful colour of the trees that are now changing colour, or maybe browes through all the beautiful blogs and mags and you may just find it ??? and dont throw good cards in the bin, i bet there still good !!!!! let us judge for you, failing that im reading a brilliant series of book 'the house of night series' by kirstin cast, the first one is called marked, any twilight fan will love them, im now on book 4 and im completely hooked xxx

  9. Howdy Katy xx Why not try making some backgrounds with your inks and stamps! might just set you off on a creative purge? Janet

  10. Oh that is so scary; one time I thought I wouldn't
    make another card. I think it's best to just find
    something else to do. I go on Netflix and watch
    movies. Old reruns of the UK series titled "Chef"
    makes me roll with laughter. If I keep trying I
    just keep throwing away tons of messed up supplies
    and then it gets worse. Have some rest... Your
    blog is incredible; if we want we can go back and
    look at your old cards. Love the Magna designs!!

  11. OH dear my mojo disappeared last week too! maybe they have gone on hols together. It happens to us all, maybe its just our brains way of telling us to take a little break, we all craft too hard!!lol! it will come back in full force dont worry!

    Hugs Di

    P.s. loving the new blog look!

  12. Hi katy...trying to think of some words of wisdom.
    fingers crossed...since I began blogging I have too many ideas running through my head and not enough time to do them all. I keep a scrap book of cuttings and card ideas and I get that out...What about some more christmas cards..get some magazines out..I found The paper yard blog off of your blog and I love looking at Lori's cards. Hope it comes back soon.
    they inspire me!

  13. I don't think I can help in you mojoless moment but have to say as a novice it's a comfort to know even the best of you have day's like this...
    I have sat hour's on end and made nothing and thought to my self I could have done all the house work and gardening in the time I have sat here...
    I will say having a clear out in my craft room does me wonder's as I find thing's I forgot I had..
    Changing the subject I found a card on your blog I liked and had a go at making one as I need lot's of practice with my copic's....

    Look forward to seeing your next design

  14. I think the more you try the worst it is .. leave it alone, and it will come back .. then there will be no stopping you!

  15. Oh Katy. So Sorry to hear your mojo's deserted you hun! I have been there myself but it came back. Not in the crafty mood myself at the minute but that's because I've got more pressing things on my mind. Hope you're back crafting real soon, get a few good books read and don't worry too much about it! It will return evetually!!
    Hugs, Vicky ~x~

  16. I understand *completely*!! I always find a good rumage through the gallery at twopeasinabucket.com (LOVE those close ups) always gets me storming off to my desk to create ("it's ALIVE!!!") hehe. best of luck lovey.

  17. Ooh, seems like it happens to all of us then! Thanks for your comments on my blog about this very same thing. I see you live in the same part of the world as me. I know what you need! A trip the great northern papercrafts extravaganza in Harrogate this weekend. A little crafty retail therapy hee hee. And about the art journal - just jump in and start, you won't be able to stop! Byee Kate

  18. Its so frustrating when that happens! Sometimes you just need a break and inspiration strikes at the most unexpected times

  19. I know that feeling well Katy, my mojo usually returns just as I've finally fallen into bed in the early hours, by the time I wake up the next morning it's gone !! I gave myself the whole afternoon on Sunday to play and nothing !! just a load of scraps lol !


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