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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Feeling inspired !

Hellooooooooo :) Yep I'm still here ! As you know I've been having a hard time with my desire to be creative so I thought It was perhaps time I stretched myself and explore the limits of my artistic nature. Now It's a Loooooooong time since I've picked up a pencil and drawn anything and as for painting well past attempts have been a complete disaster !

I recently bought this beautiful book by Kelly Rae Roberts, just what i needed to give me the kick up the derriere, lol. It's jam packed with Ideas, beautiful to look at and inspirational to read.

So very nervously I'm sharing a peek of my first attempt at trying to create something in this style. I'm working on a flat canvas, about 6 x 10 inches, even though It's relatively small It's quite daunting for me. I decided to try oil pastels rather than attempting to paint with acrylics and use a brush, with the pastel crayons you can blend with your fingers and I thought I would find this a little easier to control.

It's far from finished, I still have colour to add here on her face and her hair and
hopefully If I dont completely ruin it, lol, I'll show you the completed canvas soon :)

Have a lovely weekend xx


  1. Hi Katy!I've lost my mojo too :( I could cry lol it's frustrating when you want to play and there's nothing there!Arrrggghhh
    Fab drawing though! my bf keeps telling me to have a go at drawing again as ive not done it for years!
    hope you're enjoying your weekend?
    hugs amanda x

  2. Hi Katy, I love your drawing, I have to say it looks great as it is to me but look forward to seeing it again when you consider it "finished". This is very inspirational, I never thought of using oil pastels on canvas. I have some that I bought when I did a textiles course years ago. I don't draw but I'm gonna find a way to cheat so watch this space lol.

  3. This is wonderful ( i know its not finished as you say) but i would be over the moon with this creation as it stands. You are a dark horse, never knew you could draw too...Enjoy the rest of your creating x

  4. Wow, fab fab creation. I can feel for you, I noticed I often stop breathing when I try to add more colors on a nearly finised piece. Best wishes from me. Love to see the finial master piece! Hugs, Lily

  5. Hi Katy I love your canvas I would like to try something like that myself but have not got up the courage yet! Perhaps I will order a copy of the book it looks as if it will be a good read x

  6. Oh wow Katy this is so stunning!
    You are amazingly talented it is beautiful!
    kim x

  7. What a talent you are, I wish I could do something like that, I am not to bad at colouring but I am a terrible drawing...

    Wonderful work as it is

  8. Wow! That looks great :-) Looks like your mojo has well and truly returned!

  9. Brilliant Katy, I had an idea that your own artwork would be good but this is amazing, I so wish I could create something as individual. Can't wait to see it finished and in real life. Hope all is ok, have missed you.
    x Michelle

  10. This amazin darling, its truely is stunning i cant wait to see it finished. i was looking at this book and wondered if anyone had read it, hmmm maybe i will have to get it afterall hahahaha i love drawing but im not good at all but enjoy it all the same, would love to be able to create something this beautiful xxxx

  11. Wow Katy, wonderful make, so inspiring, I just love it and want to see more :)


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