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Wednesday, 1 July 2009


If i go awol for a little while this is the reason why...i started reading Twilight just over a week ago after a friend lent me the book...i'd not really heard much about it before then....although it's classed as a young adult book, dont let that put you off, you'll find it in the teen section in the library it's had me absolutely captivated ! I'm not into the whole Buffy thing either though i loved Interview with a vampire..that had a lot to do with Brad Pitt * swoon*

It's basically about a young girl who falls in love with a vampire but so much more ...not going to say anymore incase you want to read it...i'd highly recommend :)

Its a four book saga, i'm now on my third 'Eclipse'...so it's a toss up between do i make a card or do i chill out and read ? Mmmmmmm it's a toughie ! Oh and the first book is out on DVD, just picked a copy up from the Library to watch later..what a lazy mare i am...reading crafting and watching movies...do you think they'll notice if i dont make tea tonight? lol.

Edit....Ok so i've watched the film...you've got to read the book first, they miss too much out in the film, shame, and the actress who plays Bella's part is a bit of a let down..Edward's delish though !...

Here's a little snippet..


  1. Katy I am just in love with the Twilight series and just completing reading the series for a second time can't wait until the next film is released in November!
    kim x

  2. OMG how have you not heard of twilight !!!! I am obsessed and really want to read them again already !!! I read all the books just before the first film came out and I cant wait till November this year when the second film come out at the cinema. You are just going to fall in love with Edward Cullen I know I have hehehehe have fun reading xxxx

  3. I haven't read the books but my friend recommended the film to me and gave me her copy. So Saturday night we watched it OMG Totally besotted with Edward!!!! Anybody got a fan to cool me down??? It's great, you'll love it xx

  4. Glad you enjoyed the book i will have to borrow the third book from you, there is a list building for the book when you pass it back to me. The film is not supposed to be to much like the book i will be interested to see what you think. Best wihes Bee


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