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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Alice in Wonderland

I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton's films, he's worked his magic on the classic Alice in Wonderland, usual cast...Johnny Depp's perfect eye candy though he does look a little different, lol..the preview looks amazing..check it out !


  1. OOOO Excellent!!! Thanx for that,I'm really looking forward to seeing it now.
    I just got Coraline & haven't had chance to watch it yet,along with the new Stephenie Meyer book,busy,busy,busy..... :o)x

  2. I'm a huge Tim Burton fan too. :) Coraline isn't one of his though, that one is directed by Henry Selick, who worked with Burton on Nightmare Before Christmas. I'll take my nerd hat off now. :D

    I can't wait for Alice. Johnny Depp looks amazing (as always!).

    Have you read Coraline or just seen the film? Neil Gaiman is one of my very favourite authors.

    ~Elaine x

  3. Once again Katy, we are so alike its scary !!!! tim burton is my favourit director !!!! the trailer is amazin isnt it !!!! i cant wait for it to come out next year :)

    oh another one of our loves ... have you checked out the trailer for new moon ??? OMG !!!! so excitied ... roll on november hehehehe theres a link to a couple of clips on my blog of Edward with top off YUM hehehehe and also the newly bulked up jacob black !!!!

    talk soon xxxx

  4. Thanks for sharing this trailer. Wow his movies just get darker and darker! Not sure whether I will take Georgia who is 9, she may have nightmares. I on the other hand, can't wait! hugs Heidi xx

  5. Ooooooh so fab!!!!
    {I very nearly wrote something I probably shouldn't about scrummy Mr Depp - let's just say I'm yet to see a pic/film/anything of him when I wouldn't...ooooops, think I kinda said it anyway...;) }


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