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Friday, 17 April 2009

What a week !!

Well it's been one of THOSE weeks for me...shall try and keep it quick and not waffle, lol.

Monday...got my dates mixed up for my craft club and we ended up having to share the hall with the Bingo ladies...which dont get me wrong i was grateful for but Ahhhhhh never again, went to bed with Bingo calls in my head, lol.

Tuesday...stabbed myself in the hand with a tin opener ( cheap, nasty and blummin sharp but Josh proof...he ALWAYS breaks turn handle openers ) cant say how i managed to do it except it was the wrong way up in the drainer..so went to bed with a throbbing hand :(

Wednesday...ambushed by Smokey ( my cat )who happens to blend in very well with the stairs carpet...could have been worse i suppose as he got me half way down but still hurt like hell when i reached the bottom in a heap...so sore wrist in a support bandage, bruised shoulder and one traumatised cat,lol.

Thursday....broke an ornament..not mine...hidden the evidence and shall go back next week and lock myself in their loo armed with superglue..Shhhhhhhhhh dont tell !

And so far today i'm ok, well other than the funeral i've just been to :( an ex boss and good friend..sigh..

So it's gotta be someone elses turn now..................... please ?

Have a nice weekend everyone :) xx


  1. Lol sorry it didnt improve after Monday Katy but the class went well despite the bingo! Hope today is the start of things on the upturn :0)

  2. Poor Katy!The only thing I can say is things can only get better!!(fingers crossed..)
    Dei x

  3. Sorry your having a bad wk. Katy hop over to my blog there is something nice for you.

    Hugs Christine xx

  4. so it was a full house then Katy...lol

    sorry to hear you've been having a bad week..fingers crossed it gets better hun
    hugs clarex

  5. Oh Katy... Sorry to hear that you have had a difficult week. It's nearly the weekend..I advise shopping and crafting to make you feel better! Better luck for next week!

  6. Katy so sorry for your loss and such a nightmare of a week.
    Take care.
    kim x

  7. Hi Katy
    Bless your cotton socks, it's not been a good week. We really enjoyed the class on Monday, but you are right about the bingo. Well legs eleven then. Dee and Bee

  8. Oh poor Katy! What a nightmare week?! I feel very sorry for all of your injuries and I'm really sad to hear about your friend but I have to admit, I did have a good giggle about the ornament! Take care of yourself! ~♥~

  9. Oh Katy, what a week! Hope next week is better!Take care of yourself, have a great weekend! Heidi xxx

  10. Crikey Katy, what a week! You poor thing, I hope you're on the mend and hopefully that's it for a while, I think you've had your share for a long time to come. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Chris xxx

  11. It just hasn't been your week! Hope that next week will be a better one. Take care of yourself, and mind you don't do yourself another injury :)

  12. Blimey katy ouch what are you like, hope your having better luck now watch out for those cats on the stairs ours do the same thing lol. Take care now. luv gina xx


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