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Saturday, 8 November 2008

I've been tagged !

Thanks Tara, i'm just dashing to work now but i will have a good think about my answers and will edit this post later, have a nice day xx

Ok i'm back...phew what a busy day !! I've been demoing embossing paste with brass stencils....Mmmmmmmmm not my cup of tea but proved popular? So i've had my 5th cup of tea since getting in from work, lol, and i have my answers for the Tag..here goes..

1. Well have to say crafting of course !
2.Shopping... that goes without saying just wish there was more in the pot!
3.Crisp winter days, the ones that really clear your head, if you know what i mean?
4.Having a bop around the house to my fav music
5.Belly laughs, you know the ones that hurt but make you feel great ! apart from the Tena moment......not just you Tara, lol.

1.Parmasan cheese....ugh.. sweaty socks springs to mind.
2.Nose pickers and eaters...why do some people do that? i think it's one of the most stomach churning things, YUK !
3.Thrill rides....i'm a scaredy cat and you would have to sedate me to get me on one.
4.Daddy Long Legs...i go into a panic
5. HANGOVERS.....which i DO get worse the older you get !!

Favourite Foods/Drinks
1.Bacon butties with lots of HP sauce.. great for hangovers
2.Roast Dinners
3.Kettle crisps/ Sweet Chilli flavour
4.Cold glass of Pino Grigio.....or two
5.Elderflower cordial with lots of ice on a summers day...Mmmmmm so refreshing

My Playlist
1. Coldplay; Viva La Vida
2.Angie Stone; The very best of..
3.Stevie Wonder; Greatest Hits
4.Faithless; To All New Arrivals
5.Madonna; Confessions Tour

Well for anyone who's not been tagged yet please consider yourself tagged from me xx


  1. Hi Katy,
    Looking forward to seeing your answers...
    There's a little something for you over on my blog...
    Helen x

  2. So, not just an OCD sister but a Tena lady too, lol!! xx

  3. Very interesting Katy! I know what you mean about the hangovers, we just can't take the pace anymore! Hope you drop by my blog soon xx
    P.S. Don't forget to add that pack of Tena to your shopping list, you never know when it might come in handy lol!


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