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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

It's me....................back at last

Firstly I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone for your comments over the past few months and personal emails, it's meant alot truely and even though I've not been actively blogging for sometime I've still been around to see what you've all been creating and trying to keep up to speed with whats going on in blogland. 

Life can take a turn at times usually when you least expect it and it's helped to have some time out to re-adjust and get back on my feet. It's proved I'm tougher than I thought and that I'm worthy of better .....what dosn't kill you makes you stronger hey ?

So now I'm looking forward to getting back to my creative self...shall have more to share with you soon and again huge thanks for the comments, lifted my spirits when I needed it most...take care, Love Katy xxxxx


  1. So good to see you around agin Katy! I've mised your fab creations. Love the new look blog too. Owls are my latest obsession, I've just ordered the SU Owl punch from America as it's not in our new catalogue!
    Hugs Vicky ~x~

  2. Hi Katy, It's great to hear from you. Hope everything works out well for you :o)

    Lisa x

  3. Great to see you back Katy and raring to go!
    Carol Ann xx

  4. Fab to see you back Here Katy x Loved your class at the weekend which has inspired me to make even more Christmas cards - Made 10 altogether since seeing you. Your crafting is really inspirational so I am so glad you are back and look forward to seeing more of your fabulous work x Stay strong for you are worthy of only the best xxJanet

  5. Hi Katy, good to know you're on the up, be nice to have you back.

  6. not only are you back but you've revamped your blog too. it looks great. love that owl!!!
    i'm glad you're managing to pick yourself back up again.
    as Tyra Banks would say 'be fierce'!!!

  7. Good to see you
    Look forward to seening you regularly when
    When you[re ready

    mandi xx

  8. Wahoohooh always here Katy!!
    Upwards and onwards!!!
    sending you lots of love :) & xxx`sses xxxxxx

  9. Forgot to say..
    When your ready:) xxx

  10. Hi Katy!
    Have missed your fabby creations
    will be good to have you back :)
    hugs amanda xx
    love the blog background too

  11. big hugs to ya katy!
    i'm so glad to hear you're back ~ i'm really
    missed you and your creations!

  12. Hello Katy! Oh I just thought I'd pop by to see if you've been about and what do ya know... your back!!! That's great Katy... I've missed popping by your blog and seeing your lovely creations! It sounds like you're in a better place... sending you lots of welcome back hugs! Shelly ;)
    PS I LUUUURVE the owls!


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