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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

It's fixed !!

Hello everyone, hope you all had a good Easter break ? Well at last I have my computer up and running again thanks to the fab techies at PC world ! It wasn't as dire as I thought, the virus had impacted my windows package, nothing to do with the hard drive...phew....so as you can imagine quite a relief....dont expect I'll get much done tonight...I'm off blog hopping...wooohooooo, so happy xx


  1. Whoo hoo welcome back hun

  2. Yay glad to see you back! ;)
    Dunno how you coped without for so long lol
    hugs amanda xx

  3. Hi Katy, so good to have you back! Glad its all sorted now, hugs Heidi xx

  4. welcome back katy, i found your stunning blog whilst you were puter was poorly so am looking forward to seeing some of your stunning creations.luv coops.xx

  5. Wuhhooooo!!! Welcome back :) Rachel xxx

  6. Oh that is great news!
    So glad everything is good now!
    kim x

  7. YAY about blooming time too hehehehe miss you hun cant wait to see some gorgeous creations xxxx

  8. good to see you back.
    might have to take my old laptop to the techies at pc world so i can access everything on the hard drive. there's so much on there and I was about to back everything up just as it decided to die!!!
    kathleen xxx

  9. What a nightmare when technology fails! I 'redesigned' my blog and it took me a week and a fortune to fix it! Cannot imagine how you coped without a computer!


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