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Thursday, 20 August 2009

My Dilemma solved ..Various Ink Refills

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share with you today the joy's of Various Ink Refills :) Now i have to admit i was aware that you could buy refills for Copic markers but because i consider myself a little clumsy most of the time i thought i would end up with ink everywhere except in the pen...how wrong i was and how pleased i am i decided to try it out....easy peasy and far more cost effective ( £5.75 ) than buying a brand new pen each time it runs out.

Tis all you need, your chosen colour and the tweezers to remove the nib

There's even a guide on the bottle, better to under fill than over fill otherwise you may have ink leaking.

The nib is easily pulled from the barrel...edited, thank you Cass for the correction, here it tells you NOT to remove the brush tip but refill at the chiseled end...mine seems ok but I'd hate to advise you incorrectly.

You can see if you look at the nozzle on the refill bottle that there is a well of ink sitting there due to a valve so you are in control of how fast the ink will leave the bottle, a gentle squeeze is enough. Once you've finished just push the nib firmly back into place. SIMPLES :)

So economically it makes huge sense to refill the pens, one bottle Should refill a sketch marker 12 to 13 times and a ciao up to 17 times !

I buy my Copic's here at Cult Pens, click on the link and it will take you to the refills, the little button on my sidebar will take you to the whole range that they have which is in my opinion the best I've seen, they also have the brand new pale colour set....sigh..tis on my wish list :)

Back later with some cards x


  1. Thanks for showing how easy it is Katy, I haven't used mine enough for them to run out yet but it's nice to know. I've seen a few sites where people use the refills to make their own custom colours too.

  2. All i need now are the Copics, lol but good to see how easy it will be to refill. thank you for your tip x

  3. That's great to know, i had my copics about three months and used steadily and then about 7 ran out so i didn't replace them because of the cost and how quick they dried up so i will be checking out these refills as i miss me copics, thanks for the advice and demo appreciated.
    hugs Debra

  4. Hi Katy I use the refills too as I find them more economical.Just a tip I read on the I Like Markers blog about refilling.It says you should remove the chisel tip rather than the brush tip when refilling and also remove the cap from the other end as it prevents air bubbles.
    Cass xxx

  5. glad you found a cheaper option hun,i would love to try out copics but my price range will definately keep me in the watercolour pencil range hehehehe im still using the same pencils i brought for college 9 years ago hehehe mind you i love using them so i cant complain :) ill leave the copic colouring to the pros xxxx

  6. that's great to know chickie ~ tfs!
    now.......all i gotta do is pull those copics of mine out.........and use them! ACK!


  7. I went to the copic certification class and Marianne showed us a cheater way she refills her markers...She just opens the chisel end of the marker and drops ink on the chisel and lets it absorb until it seems full...it takes a couple minutes, but unless you have a lot to refill, it is simpler. She didn't even remove the tip! I tried it and it worked wonderfully!


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