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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Back to the beginning...

Just having a quick break from clearing out my craft cupboard...cant believe how much stuff i have collected over the last 12 months and so much of it i wont use...ie PEEL OFFS...ewwww,lol. Anyway i thought i would share a photo of what started me on this journey into cardmaking...oh must have been July 07. A good friend decided to take me along to a silk painting workshop,at that time i'd been under alot of stress and i was amazed at how relaxing it was to just sit and paint....bit of a turning point you could say...
Now i'm being really brave and sharing one of last years Valentines cards i made, it was in a box gathering dust with a pile of other various cards that i think now i'll give to the Cats Protection League to sell...well they might get something even if it's only 20p,lol.

And finally...a photo of Chesters kittens that she had 3 weeks ago, 6 little ones.... This is her second litter but also her last :( so i'm making the most of them whilst they are here.

Ok, better get back to clearing that cupboard out :) xx


  1. Cute cats Katy x Think that friend did the crafting world a favour encouraging you along - you are such an inspiration with your design x Thanks for sharing with us x

  2. Hi Katy
    Snap! I started card making after making cards with silk painting on them, must be a natural progression. It's interesting to look at cards made years ago isn't it - todays cards are far more sophisticated. Lovely work though
    x Michelle

  3. So glad you started on your crafting journey Katy your creations are just fabulous!
    Your little kittens are just so adorable!
    kim x

  4. FAB card and silk painting. I used to do that at shcool and loved it...its good to see how we have progressed when we find old cards eh!Kittens are GORJUSS I want the black one lol
    mandi xx

  5. Love your silk painting and cute card!

    Gorgeous I am in love with your kittens absolutely beautiful I would have them all! :P


  6. Hi Katy,
    Love your silk painting, it's beautiful. I think silk paintings are so elegant - they have that beautiful lustre to them. The card is so pretty but I know what you mean about looking back at old works - but it shows you how we 'grow'.
    As for the kitties - I want one (strike that) I want them all - they could keep my cat (the worm catcher - also a Chester) company.
    hugs Heather xx

  7. You cat looks so proud of her gorgeous fluffy bundles - so cute. Fab silk painting too.
    Sally. x

  8. Hello! What a great post Katy, I love the silk painting! It's interesting to look back at old projects/cards, just shows how much we improve! Your cards bring so much inspiration to so many people, just as well you went along to that silk painting class! xx

  9. Oh, I forgot to say how cute the kittens (and Chester) are! The little black one looks like my little kitty when he was a wee baby! Ahhh!

  10. What beautiful creations! But I must say those kitties are so lovely, would love to get a kitten but our rescue cat wouldn't be too happy. Heidi xxx

  11. I love your silk painting Katie. Used to do a bit myself before the cardmaking took over. I've still got all the stuff and keep promising my self I'm gonna get back to it when I've got a bit of time!

  12. gorgeous silk painting (a pro from the start xxx) and the kittens are gorgeous, so sweet. there is something on my blog for you xxx

  13. woww Katy what a gorgeous cretion.

    hugs Riet.xx

  14. It's terrific & I love the pic of Chester & her babies - they're so cute.

  15. Hey Katy! I think your cards were fabulous then as they are now!! For a beginner last year. . .wow, you made awesome cards! My cards never looked like that when I first started making cards.

    I love your silk painting card. . .it's beautiful!! I love your second cat card too!

    Your kitties are adorable. I have 2 cats, their names are Dori and China.


  16. Hi Katy,
    Love the silk painting, looks fab. My nan did one for Oli just before she passed away, A yellow tractor which he loves and is still hanging on his wall. I remember my very 1st card it was a white A6 blank with 3 silver vase peel offs coloured in with gel pens. At the time I thought it was the best thing ever !!! oh how I cring now.
    Lyndsey xx

  17. wow ~ that silk painting is GORGEOUS! and yep, i'm so glad you started on your journey, too ~ you're such an inspiration. and awwww..those kittens are so cute ~ i just wanna cuddle them


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