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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A welcome break

It's been a long while since i've had a proper break of any kind so i'm really excited as i've been asked if i'd like to join a group of ladies who are spending this weekend at an outdoor centre not far from me. Of course i said yes !! Its not far from Pendle Hill, some of you may know the story of the Pendle witch trials, you can see more info here and a YouTube link here. I loved the Most Haunted show that they filmed there and i know there's a walk planned up the hill..... Oooooooo scary, lol.
It'll be so nice to escape the routine of looking after everyone else and have a bit of me time for a change, we all need that i think from time to time. Lots of other lovely activities planned like a Beading workshop,Reflexology,Aromatherapy,Silk painting, indoor rock climbing, caving and Life coaching, yes i need that, and i've been asked to take some of my Craft stash incase anyone would like a go !!

Apparently the village is closed off this weekend as so many people try to walk the hill at Halloween in search of the Witches, mental thats what i say!! I'd run a mile, lol.

Will post another card tomorrow, then that'll be me till Sunday......tee hee, hoping to take some piccies to share with you when i return, Oooooooo thats if i return, lol xx ps judging by the first pic i'm guessing there will be some strange characters around, lol.


  1. Have a brilliant time, you deserve the break! Hope you make some fab new friends too!
    Don't worry, I won't peek at your blog again until my card arrives, thanks matey! ;o)

  2. wow sounds fab have a great time xxx

  3. Have a `lovely time Katy:)~X~


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