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Monday, 22 September 2008


A little update on the kitties, managed to take this photo yesterday of this little sweetie!! All 5 are doing well and now can sit up but very wobbley.I think i'm going to find it very hard to part with any of them :( xx


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I sooooo want one Katy. You will find it hard to part with them I'm sure!
    Lovin' your new blog deco missus! xx

  2. Lovely kitten - and I'm def not a cat person!!!
    Love the new-look blog too!!

  3. Ahh! What a little darlin'! How can you not love 'em! Great new look to the blog! I'm lovin' the black and pink xx

  4. Aww! beautful! love the new look blog.X

  5. OMG. How cute. I absolutely LOVE cats! Unfortunately I can't have one of my own as my OH is allergic! I think you'll really struggle to give these cutie's up, I know I would!
    Vicky x

  6. AWwhh gosh, if I wasnt allergic to them I would want one!!! Jules xx

  7. I am not a cat lover, but isn't she adorable? Hugs Linda x

  8. Aww bless how could you part with such a cute puss!
    I really would love another kitten but we have 2 cats already and hubby is not so keen. But I'm sure I could talk him round if he saw this one he/she is adorable!!
    kerry x

  9. Arrr she is so adorable ,you sure have a hard job on your hand s ,
    i would want to keep them all ,
    hugs Dawnxx


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