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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Happy Birthday To Me !!

Yay,it's my birthday today,had a lovely day so far and i'm off to my local craft shop in a min to buy some more goodies!!Then we're out for Sunday lunch and a few glasses of wine,Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.I just wanted to share with you a few pics,the card my O/H made for me,yes i let him loose with my stash,it was a bit of a revelation,he enjoyed it,think i'll have to keep my eye on my stuff,lol.He also decorated a cake for me,he nicked the smarties though!!And a beautiful card from my matey Tara,thank you so much for the lovely pressies too,soooo thoughtful xx


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great day. You have a very talented OH! I love the card he made and the cake. The card your friend made is stunning too. xx

  2. Still bowled over by Heath's card! So romance lives on then, I must let Chris know, lol!
    Sounds like you've had a lovely day today, have you dozed off yet under the influence of alcohol? Hello.... KATY!!!
    Happy Birthday Matey ;o) xxx

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY!! can't believe how clever your hubby is ...and soooo romantic too! The card Tara has made is absolutely beautiful...well done Tara!X

  4. happy Birthday, hope you got lots of crafting goodies and had a great day, love the card Tara made for you it's gorgeous Jill x


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